Portrait Maria Høgh-Mikkelsen

I am Maria Høgh-Mikkelsen, a Danish designer, researcher and educator. I am passionate about design and especially about how we design. My expertise lies in the intersection between colour and material design, design methodology, aesthetic practise and education.

I am currently studying a PhD at Kolding School of Design where I previously have worked as senior lecturer.

In my practice, I divide my work into ‘design work’ and ‘artistic research’. Both areas contain process and aesthetics, but in different ways and to varying degrees. I define ‘design work’ as resulting in a design solution that has a functional or emotional value for a number of users. For this work, I often use design methods that involve users. In parallel with this type of work, I also have a practice of a more experimental nature. Here I explore materials, form and colour in relation to concept and aesthetics. These projects do not always have a functional value, but they are means to gain knowledge as well as a constant training, a way of staying fresh in the dialogue with the conceptual and aesthetic aspects of design. I strive to show these projects at exhibitions and share findings and reflections in publications.

You can find my full cv here: gemakker.com/about

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